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John Boonphitak

John Boonphitak

Sales Partner | REALTOR®

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John Boonphitak has a wealth of professional experience as a business owner who ran multiple restaurants. In the process, he gained life knowledge of how to help people and provide them with value and a positive experience.
But he was still unsatisfied — he felt there were more opportunities and experiences awaiting him. His career had not yet aligned with his personal aspirations to produce the peace, time, and energy that would allow him to be at his best. That’s when he chose to be a real estate professional.
John discovered that much of what he found so rewarding in his former businesses were strong points for him in serving real estate clients. He can provide value to his customers as never before, opening doors for them to invest in their future. He loves envisioning interior designs and architectural developments to create environments in which people can thrive and grow — and feel at home.
And, as he puts it, he brings a ridiculous level of belief, a relentless mind set, and an unwavering work ethic to every transaction for every client. For John, it’s personally satisfying to see the results play out in a successful experience for them.

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